How can I get the morning after pill (emergency contraception) without my parents finding out?

Girl taking a pillTalking to your parents about emergency contraception (EC) or finding out how you can start birth control may seem uncomfortable. You might be surprised though to know that many parents would rather have you talk to them about these issues because it shows that you are taking responsibility for your actions. Remember that they were young once too and they may have had similar challenges to deal with.

You can get emergency contraception on your own without a prescription. In fact, anyone can buy a (progestin-only) type of emergency contraception without a prescription. The brand name Plan Be One-Step® costs about $50 and the generic pills sold under the name of Take Action, Next Choice One Dose and My Way™ cost about $40. Ella® is a different type of EC and requires a prescription. Many pharmacies stock EC but some do not so you may want to call first. You can also get EC from Planned Parenthood clinics. EC is usually covered by most health insurance plans but this may not be an option for you since your parents may receive a statement that includes details about the EC and date you received it. You can always call your health care provider too. Your provider can’t tell your parents that you want EC because your conversation is confidential. You should also talk with your provider about birth control options for the future. If you have your own health insurance card, you might want to call the phone number on the back to see if you can sign up for confidential coverage. Whatever you decide to do, make a plan right way. Emergency contraception should be taken as soon as possible, within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. It works best the earlier you take it.