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Fitness: My Muscles

girl holding track shoesFitness is fun! It’s a great way to experience health and wellness. Enjoying fitness is the key to keeping exercise a part of your life. Fun Fitness will teach you all about the right way to exercise. There are lots of benefits to being a fit person. You will be healthier, less stressed and more relaxed. You’ll have more energy too!

Exercise Safety

It’s important to follow your health care provider’s advice about fitness. The exercises featured here are for teens that are in good health and have no physical restrictions. Be sure to listen to your body. Exercise should feel like you are working out, but not like you are injuring your body. If a particular exercise or stretch hurts, STOP immediately. You may be performing the task incorrectly, working beyond your limits or injuring your body. If you feel dizzy, have trouble breathing, or experience any pain while you are exercising, STOP.

Your body needs energy (food and fluids) to perform at it’s best. Our sports nutrition guide will help you understand what you should eat and drink before, during and after exercising so that you will feel good and have a safe workout.

Remember, before doing this or any exercise program, be sure to consult with your own health care provider.

My Muscles

Understanding the names and locations of your muscles is important when you’re exercising. If you know the specific muscles you’re using, it is easier to focus on each aspect of your workout. This helps you to be more efficient and to prevent injuries.

How to use My Muscles:

  • Learn the names of your muscles and where they’re located by looking at the pictures of Katy, our “My Muscles” trainer.
  • Look at all 3 views: front, back, and side.

front view of muscles
muscles back view
muscles side view

Fitness: Stretches

yoga-poseStretching is a way to get your body ready for exercise and is also a way to improve flexibility at the end of your workout. Your muscles feel relaxed after you stretch properly and this will also help prevent muscle related injuries. Try the following stretches for your upper, middle and lower body.

Upper Body: Chest Stretch Upper Body: Upper Back Stretch Upper Body: Bicep Stretch Upper Body: Tricep Stretch Upper Body: Cross Shoulder Stretch Middle Body: Abdominal Stretch Middle Body: Waist Reach Stretch Middle Body: Back Stretch Lower Body: Inner Thigh Stretch Lower Body: Outer Thigh Stretch Lower Body: Quadricep Stretch Lower Body: Hamstring Stretch Lower Body: Lunge Stretch

Fitness: Toning Exercises

girl lifting weights

Toning your body is a great way to get your muscles conditioned and strong. Toning exercises can help raise your metabolism (the way you burn food energy) by building muscle. Certain toning exercises may help prevent osteoporosis by keeping your bones strong. Toning can even help to release stress from your body. Try the following exercises for your upper, middle, and lower body.

Upper Body: Overhead Shoulder Press Upper Body: Chest Press Upper Body: Bent Knee Push Up Upper Body: Bicep Curl Upper Body: Triceps Extension Middle Body: Sit Up Middle Body: Isometric Sit Up Middle Body: Alternating Obliques Sit Up Middle Body: Front Arm Raise Lower Body: Inner Thigh Lift Lower Body: Outer Thigh Lift Lower Body: Power Lift Kick Lower Body: Squat Lower Body: Calf Lift