Fitness: Stretches

Updated 26 August 2021 under Health Guides.

Stretching is a way to get your body ready for exercise, improve flexibility, and increase your range of motion. Proper stretching will help your muscles feel relaxed and prevent muscle […]

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sprained ankle

Sprains and Strains

Updated 18 September 2023 under Health Guides.

Sprains and strains are fairly common, and luckily most kids and teens heal quickly. These are fairly common injuries especially if you are an active teen who plays a sport […]

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girl doing a split

I’m not flexible at all. Do I really need to stretch when I exercise?

Updated 5 February 2014 under Ask Us.

Yes. Proper stretching before and after exercise is important for preventing injuries in all your muscle groups (upper, mid, and lower body). It also decreases your risk of back injury. […]

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