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Smiling doctor talking to her patient in an office at the hospitalSeu Primeiro Exame Ginecológico

Você deve estar preocupada com seu primeiro exame ginecológico. É normal ficar ansiosa sobre algo quando não se sabe o que esperar. É também normal sentir-se envergonhada. Nós esperamos que, … read more

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female gender symbolAmenorrea

Amenorrea significa ausencia o no existencia del período menstrual. Si no has tenido hasta hoy tu período menstrual o algunos se han ausentado, te preguntarás seguramente qué es lo que … read more

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female gender symbolHymens: Types of Hymens

Hymen: a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the vagina. Hymens can come in different shapes. The most common hymen in young girls is shaped like a half moon. … read more

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MRKH butterfly in handsMRKH: Resources

Resources: State by State Surrogacy Law Practice: This is a private website founded by a lawyer who has expertise with matters involving surrogacy. It is not a website that the CYWH … read more

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