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woman hand holding contraceptive pillsI’m on the pill and I usually take it continuously so I don’t get a period. But this month I was going to take the placebo pills to have a period. What I’m wondering is: When do I start the hormone pills again? Right after my period ends even if there are placebo pills left? And how long after starting a new pack after my period can I have sex safely without a condom?

Congratulation for using birth control! As you know, using birth control pills “continuously” means that instead of taking the placebo pills (the different colored pills that are usually at the … read more

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depo-proveraInjeção Hormonal de Depo-Provera ®

Depo-Provera® é um método hormonal feminino de contracepção. É muito efetivo na prevenção de uma gestação. A Depo-Provera® contém uma forma sintética (feito pelo homem) do hormônio progesterona, chamada acetado … read more

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