I’ve been finding it harder to urinate recently, but my mother thinks that this is just temporary and I shouldn’t worry too much—but it’s been months. Should I see my pediatrician?

Finding it “hard” to urinate (pass urine) is not normal; however, there is treatment available. First, it’s important to find out what is causing your symptoms. Make an appointment with your pediatrician or primary care provider. Your provider will likely want you to pee in a cup so they can check your urine to see if you have a urinary tract infection since this is a common reason for difficulty urinating. If you have an infection, your provider will prescribe an antibiotic that will treat the bacteria and relieve your symptoms. There can be other reasons for your discomfort when urinating including: irritation and/or swelling around your urethra (where your urine/pee leaves your body) from scented bath products or soaps, irritation from a yeast infection or STI (if you are sexually active), etc. Tell your mom that your symptoms are not getting better and you would like to make an appointment with your primary care provider to find out what might be causing your discomfort.​