I have hair on my chest. Is this normal? Do other girls have hair like me?

Some girls have hair on their chest, around their nipples and/or on their belly area which can be perfectly normal. Extra unwanted hair that is dark and coarse is called “hirsutism,” pronounced: her-suit-is-um, and can sometimes be caused by certain medicines, or a hormone imbalance (higher levels of androgen hormones). Hirsutism often runs in families so you may notice that your sister, mom, cousin, etc. may have hair on their chest too. The first thing you should do is talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent, and then make an appointment with your health care provider to make sure your hormones are not out of balance. Ask your provider to check you for certain medical conditions that may cause hirsutism such as polycystic ovary syndrome. If the hair on your chest bothers you, there are treatments including safe hair removal but first see your health care provider.