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pelvic ultrasoundOvarian Cysts

Sometimes girls are told that they have a cyst “on” their ovaries but cysts develop within the ovary. Fortunately most cysts go away without any treatment. What are ovaries and … read more

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mixed-gender friend groupFriendships

Friendships are fun and make us feel special, but it’s also normal for friendships to be complicated and confusing sometimes. Choosing the right kinds of friends is important. Why do … read more

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pubic lousePubic Lice (“Crabs”)

Pubic lice are tiny, round, wingless insects that live on the skin. They’re also called crabs because they have “claws,” which they use to hang on to hair. They’re light … read more

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Trichotillomania sounds like a made-up word but is a very real condition that involves an uncontrollable urge to pull one’s hair out. People who have this disorder often feel embarrassed … read more

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