I’m just wondering if it’s ok to take diet pills at the age of 13. I’ve been thinking of using ones that are called ‘Garcinia Cambogia’.

Something like “Garcinia Cambogia” is not safe for weight loss because it is a supplement, not a medication. This means that it comes from a food or plant and has been put into a pill form but it is not regulated by the FDA. The FDA is the government organization that makes sure that the food that we eat and the medication that we take is safe. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and therefore they may be unsafe or even harmful.

If you are interested in making changes to your lifestyle in order to be healthier, (which is some cases might mean maintaining or losing weight), talk to your health care provider. He or she can make suggestions that are safe for you such as changing what you eat or increasing your exercise. Ask about meeting with a Registered Dietitian, a professional who specializes in helping children, teens and adults eat healthier.