Lately I’ve been feeling very sad and it won’t stop. At one point I thought about ending my life and I have also self-harmed myself multiple times. I really want to get help, but I’m too scared to tell my mom. Please help.

depressed girlIt is VERY IMPORTANT to talk to a trusted adult and get help right away! If you feel that you are unable to talk with your mom, you should talk to another adult with whom you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable telling an adult that you are depressed on your own, you might ask a friend to be with you when you talk with someone, or ask for help with finding someone trustworthy. Remember, it’s NOT your fault that you are depressed and harming yourself is NEVER the right thing to do.

Adults you might feel comfortable talking to about being depressed:
When you are feeling depressed or very sad, it is always best to talk with someone in person rather than email or text them.

  • Parent, guardian, or other adult relative
  • Teacher or coach
  • School counselor
  • Health care provider
  • Minister, priest, rabbi, or other clergy person

Any of these adults should be able to help you find a counselor who works with depressed teens. If you tell one of these people and they are not able to get you help, tell someone else. You know your feelings best! Sometimes even adults may have a hard time accepting that someone they love is depressed.