Fitness: Toning Exercises

girl lifting weights

Toning your body is a great way to get your muscles conditioned and strong. Toning exercises can help raise your metabolism (the way you burn food energy) by building muscle. Certain toning exercises may help prevent osteoporosis by keeping your bones strong. Toning can even help to release stress from your body. Try the following exercises for your upper, middle, and lower body.

Upper Body: Overhead Shoulder Press Upper Body: Chest Press Upper Body: Bent Knee Push Up Upper Body: Bicep Curl Upper Body: Triceps Extension Middle Body: Sit Up Middle Body: Isometric Sit Up Middle Body: Alternating Obliques Sit Up Middle Body: Front Arm Raise Lower Body: Inner Thigh Lift Lower Body: Outer Thigh Lift Lower Body: Power Lift Kick Lower Body: Squat Lower Body: Calf Lift