I am on the birth control patch (Twirla®) but I got sick and my doctor prescribed me with antibiotics (specifically Cefdinir) to help treat it. Don’t antibiotics cancel out my birth control? If I’m sexually active, am I at risk of pregnancy?

Updated 14 October 2022 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question! The concern that antibiotics cause birth control to be less effective is a common, false myth. Most common antibiotics do not affect hormonal birth control […]

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I recently had unprotected sex while taking antibiotics (medicine used to treat infection) and antifungals (medicine used to treat fungal infections). Could I be pregnant?

Updated 3 March 2020 under Ask Us.

Great question, thank you. For many years, there was a misconception surrounding the interaction between antibiotics and oral contraceptives (the pill).  While there are a very few antibiotics such as […]

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hormonal implant

Can antibiotics stop the 3 year implant from functioning?

Updated 21 July 2015 under Ask Us.

Most antibiotics are completely safe to take if you have a hormonal implant, and do not interfere with preventing pregnancy. The only exception is an antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis […]

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