My vulva/labia became swollen after I used shaving cream on it. What should I do?

Young man shaving his beard in bathroomIf your vulva/labia became swollen after applying shaving cream, it is likely that you may be sensitive to the cream but it could also be caused from shaving. Swelling of the labia also occurs with yeast infections.  Applying cool compresses such as a face cloth soaked in cool water and then squeezed so that most of the water is removed, can feel soothing on your vulva.  If your vulva becomes red or has tender pimples on it, this could be a sign of an infection and a reason to call your health care provider.  You could also have a yeast infection that just happened to occur. Although no one needs to remove pubic hair, if you choose to do so, read about how to remove pubic hair safely here. Also look for shaving cream “for sensitive skin” (which doesn’t have any fragrance added).