MRKH Conference

MRKH Conference for Teens and Their Families

The next MRKH Conference will be held in October 2017, date TBD

This annual conference is an opportunity for young women ages 14-25 who have been diagnosed with MRKH, and their families to come together for education and support. Our past conferences have been successful — thanks to all of our attendees and speakers! We welcome your suggestions for our upcoming 2017 conference!

In the mean time, we will be hosting our very first MRKH Meet-Up on Saturday, March 25th 2017, 1-4pm, for young women ages 18-25.

This informal meeting is a time to get together for support, meet others your age that have MRKH and renew friendships from previous conferences. Please note: This event is only for young women diagnosed with MRKH (no formal programming for parents, siblings, or others). Our Annual MRKH Conference will be held in the fall of 2017.

For more information, please contact Phaedra Thomas, RN, BSN at 617-355-7712 or via email:

Cost to Attendees: $10