Can I go to the bathroom (pee) when I have a tampon in?

Updated 11 November 2015 under Ask Us.

YES! Since pee (urine) leaves the body from another opening called the urethra, you don’t have to remove a tampon from your vagina to pass urine. You can also leave […]

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confused tween

I got my period the first time a couple of months ago and I haven’t gotten it again. Is this normal?

Updated 9 October 2015 under Ask Us.

It’s actually very common to have irregular periods during the first year or two (after your period starts), but after that your periods should become more predictable. Irregular periods can […]

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I have a field trip to an amusement park coming up this week and there are going to be rides. Is it ok if I go on the rides when I am on my period?

Updated 25 September 2015 under Ask Us.

If you tend to get nauseous (sick to your stomach) or have bad cramps when you have your period, you will probably not feel up to going on fast rides. […]

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My breasts hurt only before my period. Do they grow at this time?

Updated 21 September 2015 under Ask Us.

Many girls will notice that their breasts feel larger right around a week or so before their period is due, while others don’t seem to notice at all. This is […]

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I take birth control pills. Do I have to take the “inactive pills”? Why do I have to bleed during this time?

Updated 14 September 2015 under Ask Us.

Most birth control pill packages are made up of 21 days of active pills (one color)  followed by 7 days of “inactive” pills (a different color), however there are some […]

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Is it normal not to bleed the full week of your period when using birth control pills?

Updated 8 September 2015 under Ask Us.

Yes.  When on the Pill, the lining of your uterus doesn’t become very thick so very little blood needs to come out each month.  It is perfectly normal to have […]

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I am still on my period and it has been two weeks. Is that normal?

Updated 7 August 2015 under Ask Us.

No. Normal menstrual periods last 3 to 7 days. Longer than normal periods can occur because of stress, a hormone imbalance, pregnancy, infection, a thyroid condition, and other causes. You should […]

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water safety

I’ve had my period for 4 days now and I have a pool party to go to. Will it be okay for me to wear my bathing suit and go in the pool without anything happening?

Updated 29 June 2015 under Ask Us.

It’s hard to tell if your period will stop once you are in the water. If it is at the end of your cycle or your period tends to be […]

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My period is 6 days late and I’m starting to worry. It’s never been late before. Should I be worried?

Updated 28 May 2015 under Ask Us.

If you have had sexual contact, you could be pregnant, especially if you are not using a reliable method every time you have sex. We suggest that you see your […]

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I just started my period but it lasted for an entire week. Is this normal?

Updated 14 May 2015 under Ask Us.

Periods in general usually last about 3-7 days but the amount of blood flow is usually different each day. For example, it is typically heavier during the first couple of […]

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