Sexual Health and Solid Organ Transplant (SOT) Recipients

Updated 13 October 2021 under Health Guides.

You may be thinking about what it means to be involved in a sexual relationship. It’s normal to think about sex and have sexual feelings; however, there are many things […]

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So, I find myself having sexual feelings. I wonder if I am too young (13yr.) to masturbate, or to have these feelings. Am I a freak?

Updated 1 August 2016 under Ask Us.

You are NOT a freak! It is completely normal to have sexual feelings at your age and want to masturbate.  Most people think that masturbation is normal when done privately,  but […]

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Girl taking a pill

I had unprotected sex yesterday. Can you give some information about Emergency Contraception and how to take it?

Updated 14 January 2016 under Ask Us.

Emergency contraception (EC) is a backup method of birth control for preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex. Even though it’s commonly called the “morning-after pill,” there are three types of EC […]

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I’ve never had sex and I have regular periods without pain. Should I take birth control pills anyway?

Updated 15 January 2015 under Ask Us.

Deciding to take the birth control pill is a very personal choice. For some, the Pill may also help in to make periods lighter, shorter, or more regular. It can […]

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How do I know if a man is wearing a condom correctly?

Updated 7 January 2015 under Ask Us.

Great question! First, you and your partner will need to learn how to use condoms correctly. This begins with opening up the condom wrapper with care. Open the wrapper carefully: Be […]

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I’m a lesbian and I’ve just been told that I might have endometriosis. My girlfriend is scared to have sex with me in case it makes things worse or she hurts me! Would it make a difference if I had sex?

Updated 29 December 2014 under Ask Us.

Some woman may experience pain or “pressure” with sexual intercourse, but many do not. We recommend that you tell your partner that you will let her know if you are […]

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Does every girl bleed the first time they have sex?

Updated 1 December 2014 under Ask Us.

No. Many girls do not bleed the first time they have sex. Some girls will have a small amount of bleeding, especially if the opening into the vagina is small. […]

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I have MRKH syndrome and have unprotected sex very frequently. Because I have no uterus (just ovaries), I don’t have to be worried about getting pregnant, right??

Updated 12 November 2014 under Ask Us.

You are correct. You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant if you don’t have a uterus however, if you are having unprotected intercourse, you are at risk for many […]

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Can you get HPV from anal sex?

Updated 13 May 2014 under Ask Us.

Yes, definitely! You can get HPV from anal sex, vaginal intercourse, oral sex, or simply by sexual contact. HPV and genital warts are usually spread by direct skin-to-skin contact during […]

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