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female condomCondoms: Female Condom

The female condom is a lubricated sheath worn by the female inside of her vagina during sex. There are two types: the original FC1 is made of polyurethane, a type … read more

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male condomCondoms: Male Condoms

The male condom is a sheath (or covering) worn over the penis during sexual activity. It prevents pregnancy by acting as a barrier, preventing semen from entering the vagina so … read more

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In the past HIV/AIDS was considered to be a deadly disease. Medical research has helped health care providers understand HIV and improve available treatments. HIV/AIDS can now be treated with … read more

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male condomWhat is a condom?

A condom is used during sexual intercourse to help protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It is usually made of rubber or latex. For those who are allergic to … read more

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