Ever since 5th grade, I have noticed that anytime I sweat my vagina smells musty and sweaty like an armpit. I talked to my doctor, but it still happens every day. I even bathe three times per day. Is this normal?

Great question! First things first, it’s OK to sweat. Actually it’s really important and healthy for your body to sweat, because it helps regulate your body’s internal temperature. The reason why your vagina smells sweaty is because there are sweat glands in between your legs and on your vulva. These glands become more active when a girl hits puberty, which causes the area between their legs to become moister, producing a normal smell of sweat. It’s important to mention that this sweaty smell is very natural, unless it is foul smelling. You should never use vaginal deodorants, douches, or feminine sprays because they can cause yeast infections, redness, and skin irritation. It is OK to use mild soaps and warm water (with bathing) around the outside of your vagina, but never inside. It’s also important to wear clean underwear each day! If you notice vaginal discharge (yellow or brown) that is foul smelling, it’s a good idea to call your health care provider (HCP) as this may be a sign of infection.