Ever since 5th grade, I have noticed that anytime I sweat my vagina smells musty and sweaty like an armpit. I talked to my doctor, but it still happens every day. I even bathe three times per day. Is this normal?

Updated 4 January 2022 under Ask Us.

Great question! First things first, it’s OK to sweat. Actually it’s really important and healthy for your body to sweat, because it helps regulate your body’s internal temperature. The reason […]

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I noticed that when I am in PE class or just when I walk home from school, I sweat a lot while my friends don’t seem to sweat. Why do I have rings under my armpits?

Updated 25 September 2018 under Ask Us.

Rings around your armpits can be embarrassing for sure but there is an explanation and treatment. Sweating is common especially during puberty because this is the time when your sweat […]

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