I have bulimia, and I’m not sure if I should tell my parents. They would probably get mad at me.

purple eating disorder ribbonThank you for this question. Telling your parents about your struggle with bulimia can definitely be nerve-wracking, but can also be so important to make sure you’re able to get the support you need and deserve while going through this. If you’re not sure yet how to bring it up, you may consider first writing down what you might want to say, or practicing it out loud to yourself. Or even consider checking in with another trusted adult for help with ideas for how to broach this conversation.

The National Eating Disorders Association also has some great suggestions for how to have this kind of conversation, including setting aside time without distractions to talk to them as well as thinking about what kind of information may be particularly helpful to share with them – this guidance can be found at https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/sharing-concerns-about-your-eating-behaviors.

Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone, and that reaching out to a loved one for support is a very courageous step to take!