I am 13 and had my first period when I was 11. It continued for a month and returned 6 months later then stopped after a month. I am a virgin and I have not gotten it ever since. What’s happening?

It is common to have irregular periods for the first two years after getting your period; however, it is not normal bleed for a month. Most girls have their period for 1-6 or for some, 7 days. Make an appointment with your health care provider and tell him/her about your menstrual cycles; how long they last, how many days apart, and how many pads, tampons and/or pantyliners you use each day. After reviewing your menstrual history, your provider may check your blood to see if you are anemic (low blood count). Use this tracking tool to keep track of your periods. https://epp4c3.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/My-Yearly-Period-and-Symptom-Tracker.pdf