I started my period this year and I’m pretty worried because my last period was about 30 days ago. I am just really worried that it won’t start again.

It is very common for young women to have irregular periods for the first couple of years after their period starts. During the first year you should have a least 4 periods, the second year at least 6 periods, and for the 3-5th year, at least 8 periods a year.  After that you should have a menstrual period about 21 to 35 days apart. Another reason a woman might not get her period is if she is pregnant. If you still haven’t gotten your period after a couple months or if there’s a chance you might be pregnant, make an appointment with your health care provider.

See the Menstrual Periods Health Guide for more information: https://youngwomenshealth.org/2010/04/21/menstrual-periods/