My left boob is a lot bigger than my right. It looks weird. Is that normal? Will it even out?

Thank you for your question! Yes, this is totally normal. Breast/chest tissue takes around 3-5 years to develop from the first time you notice growth. During those years, it’s common for your breasts to grow at different rates. Most people find that their breasts even out in size and shape by the end of puberty, though almost no one’s breasts are exactly the same size.

We promise it’s not weird that your breasts are growing unevenly, and encourage you to always approach your body with patience and love! However, if the size difference bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you can try using foam or gel inserts that fit into your bra or bathing suit. These inserts can be found at specialty bra shops and at many department stores.

While most people find that their breast/chest tissue evens out by the time they reach adulthood, you can check in with your health care provider (HCP) if your breasts are uneven by more than 1 cup size after 3-5 years. Your provider can tell you about the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgeries – or, you may even grow to love your unique, uneven boobs!