Pls help! I have PCOS. My breasts were perfect before I gained weight. But now I am embarrassed because my breasts are big and loose. Is there anything I can do to make them smaller and lift them up without surgery? I don’t want to have a muscular body either.

braManaging your weight when you have a diagnosis of PCOS can be challenging but not impossible. One way to accomplish this is by following a PCOS-friendly diet– one that includes high fiber carbohydrates instead of sugary or refined carbs along with lean protein, veggies and healthy fats. Add a regular exercise routine (such as walking, bike riding, running) and you’re likely to see positive results. Be sure to check out the link below for lots of PCOS resources. The best way to reduce the appearance of your breast size now is to buy a well-fitting bra. It’s a good idea to get properly fitted by a professional. Most large department stores offer this service for free. Some bras are labeled “minimizer” which means that the bra makes your breast look smaller than they actually are.

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