My boyfriend and I want to have sex but I’m afraid of getting pregnant. We plan to use condoms but should we wait until I am on the birth control pill?

Waiting to have sex until you are on birth control pills is the best choice to prevent pregnancy since the pill is more effective than condoms alone. Latex condoms lower your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection but typical use is only 82% effective in preventing pregnancy. The birth control pill (the Pill) if taken correctly (on time and no missed pills) is 91-99% effective. Using both condoms and the pill gives you added protection. The only way to make sure you do not become pregnant is to not have sex. If you decide to have sex, you are always at risk for pregnancy and STIs, but if you practice safer sex with only one partner (who is not infected and has no other sexual partners) and you make smart decisions about contraception, you can greatly lower your risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Click here to learn more about all types of effective contraception then make an appointment with your health care provider to talk about which option is best for you.