Hello, I was wondering, if I have a leaking fallopian tube (hydrosalpinx) is it harder for me to get pregnant?

female gender symbolThank you for your question. A “leaking fallopian tube” (hydrosalpinx) occurs when the end of the tube is damaged from STIs causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), surgery, or adhesions (scar tissue). Hydrosalpinx occurs when the tube becomes blocked, filling with sterile fluids, which creates an enlarged tube. You may not even know you have hydrosalpinx, because you don’t always experience pelvic pain. The only sign of hydrosalpinx you may experience is infertility (inability to become pregnant), particularly if both tubes are affected. If you have a hydrosalpinx, ask your primary care provider about your making an appointment to see a gynecologist to discuss options, including laparoscopy (surgery that uses a video camera) or fertility treatment.