I had a yellow discharge and just found out I have PID. What is it?

painful crampsPID is an abbreviation for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It is an infection of the female reproductive organs (the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and cervix). It is usually caused by a sexually transmitted infection or STI. Girls may have a different kind of discharge such as a different color, amount or smell and pain in the lower abdomen. PID should be treated early to lessen the chance of scar tissue forming in the fallopian tubes and inside the abdomen. These scars can block the fallopian tubes, which can cause difficulty getting pregnant later. PID is more likely to come back if you get an STI again. Also, the more times you have PID, the more likely you will have problems that can harm your body. The best way to avoid getting PID is to not get a sexually transmitted infection. You will need to make sure that your partner(s) get tested and treated for gonorrhea and chlamydia and always (100% of the time) uses a condom. Your partner(s) must be treated at the same time as you, or you are very likely to get infected again.

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