I have pain when I urinate (pee). What could be the problem?

iStock_000032157758CroppedThe most common cause of pain during urination (when you pee) is due to a urinary tract infection.  A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria gets inside the bladder, usually through the urethra (the opening where urine comes out). The pain is usually worst at the end of urination and most teens with urine infections also have to go pee more frequently and may notice blood in the urine. Other causes of pain (when you urinate/pee) include: Chlamydia infection which is very common; other STIs (gonorrhea, herpes); irritation of the vulva from soaps, perfumes, and yeast infection (pain as the urine flows over an irritated area)

Call your health care provider (HCP). If you have fever or back pain, make sure you are seen right away.  Your HCP will be able to figure out the reason for your pain and may give you medicine to treat it. If you need to take medicine, be sure to take ALL of it even if your symptoms get better right away.

For more information, check out our Urinary Tract Infections guide or our Chlamydia guide.