I’m 16 and I’ve been eating a lot but haven’t if that makes sense.. I was at 152, now I’m 171, is that bad? I feel like I’m overweight and I get hungry fast I don’t know what to do. I’ve been starving myself.

Thanks for your question. While it is tricky to determine whether your weight gain is healthy or not, there are a few things we could help address. If you get hungry soon after eating, you likely need to have more protein and fiber in your diet. Try to increase the amount of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and beans that are incorporated into your meals and snacks. Your body needs consistent energy (aka calories from food) throughout the day. Regardless of your weight, starving yourself can lead to negative consequences such as feeling dizzy, brittle hair and nails, low mood, and lack of control around food. If you have questions about your weight gain it is best to ask your medical provider, who can look at your growth charts to determine if the rate of gain is faster than might be healthy for your body. Your medical provider can also help to refer you to a therapist and/or dietitian who can help with these issues around food and hunger.