I have irregular periods does it mean i have PCOS????

Scared anxious young woman biting fingernails white backgroundIrregular periods is one of the symptoms of PCOS; however, there are many other reasons that you may have irregular periods. For example: it is common for girls to have irregular periods during the first  1-2 years after starting menses.  However, if you are sexually active, you may have irregular periods if you are pregnant.  Girls with PCOS often have excess hair and/or acne, and may gain weight easily or having trouble losing weight.

Other reasons for irregular periods may include: being ill, exercising more than usual, being under a lot of stress or it could be a symptom from another medical condition.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your menstrual periods (when they stop and start) so you’ll have an idea when to expect them and you’ll also have your cycle info that you can review with your primary care provider (PCP). If you have made a decision to be sexually, then it is important to always use a reliable form of birth control and use condoms EVERYTIME you have sex to decrease your risk of sexually transmitted diseases).

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