I had sex for the first time 6 days ago but some of the sperm fell out of the condom. I took the “morning after” pill 36 hours later. Could I be pregnant?

Girl taking a pillThe “morning after” pill, which is also known as Emergency Contraception, Plan B, or Next Choice, is most effective when taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. Although emergency contraception reduces the risk of pregnancy, you can still get pregnant even after taking the pill. To find out if you’re pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test 14 days after unprotected sex or later. You can take a home urine pregnancy test (available at most drug and convenience stores) or ask for a pregnancy test at your health care provider’s office.

To help prevent condoms from breaking or leaking, pinch the top of the condom before placing it on an erect penis. Make sure your partner holds the base of his penis (and base of the condom) before he “pulls out” to avoid leakage.