I’ve lost weight for the past 10 months but my family tells me that I’m too thin now. My BMI is 18. I know that I eat less than 1000kcal a day. But just seeing my plate full is making me sick. Should I be concerned about having an eating disorder?

purple eating disorder ribbonRegardless of your BMI, eating less than 1000 kcal/day is not healthy for anyone. The minimum calories per day for a 20-year old female would be 1400 kcal/day, and even that would be on the low side, depending on several factors such as activity level, growth, genetics, etc. Based on the information you’ve shared it sounds you need more support around your relationship with food.

For more individualized support, consider:

  • Meeting with a dietitian. They can better assess what issues might be coming up for you and discuss ways that you can better nourish yourself.
  • Meeting with a therapist. They can discuss the feelings that you have when looking at food and any other issues around disordered eating.
  • Meeting with your health care provider. They can help you figure out if your body is healthy, if there’s anything else causing your weight loss, and what other supports might be helpful.