Can you help me be less insecure? I’ve seen many other female bodies and cry about how much better they look compared to mine. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

Thank you for your question. It can feel so tough when we start comparing ourselves and our bodies to other people, especially when we see such unrealistic/filtered images from social media. Something that can be helpful could be to think about who you are comparing yourself to and perhaps seeking out more body-positive accounts on social media. Another thing to do can be to focus some special attention on the non-appearance related things you do like about yourself; make a list and post some of them on your walls or mirror if it would be helpful to see it all written out! Finally, talking to a parent or other trusted adult can be a way to express how you’re feeling and get someone else’s thoughts about what might help; if these feelings are getting in the way of your life or making you feel really badly, seeking out support from a therapist may be a good idea as well.