For the past week and a half, maybe longer, I’ve been having breast pain. It’s a pain that only hurts when pressure is applied. Whether that be from sleeping on my side, pushing on it, or wearing a bra. It’s only in one spot, on the side and bottom?

It is common for women to have “mastalgia” (sore or tender breasts) the week before their period. The symptoms may be caused by a rise in the hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Breast discomfort can continue during menstruation; however, it is usually relieved when your period starts. Other possible causes of breast pain can be: a side effect of certain medicines such as starting birth control pills, breast cyst(s), a breast infection, a breast injury, long distance running, a poorly fitted bra, or pregnancy. Since your pain seems to be in a specific area of your breast(s), it’s a good idea to check in with your primary care provider (PCP). Tell your PCP if anyone in your family has had breast problems and if you could possibly be pregnant.​