I am 17 years old and bisexual. I have always avoided anything that has to do with sex, because it made me uncomfortable. Recently, I decided that I would like to learn more about sex. What is OK to read and/or look at that is also developmentally/psychologically safe?

Let’s admit it, lots of people think conversations about sex are awkward and uncomfortable, even adults! These feelings are completely normal, especially since the topic in general can be personal for many people. No one should ever feel pressured to learn, talk, or have sex until they are ready to do so. It’s very important that before someone agrees to have sex, they understand, learn, and gather the information from a trusted health resource, such as a website. Our website is full of trusted health information specifically designed for kids and teens! Health information that is written primarily for kids and teens is usually easier to read and understand. It’s also important to mention that most health guides don’t include many pictures, which for some people is good because pictures make them uncomfortable. Always question the source, if you are getting your information from social media, it’s most likely untrue. Friends can be a source of information for some, but it’s important to double check with a trusted adult if you have any concerns. If you would prefer talking to someone about it and you feel comfortable with your health care provider (HCP), talk with them! Your HCP won’t judge you or think your question is silly, they have these conversations every day and are super comfortable answering any questions you may have!