Healthy Communication: Quiz

Updated 28 January 2015 under Health Guides.

Communicating well with friends and partners is important, but it can sometimes be hard. Answer these questions to test your own communication skills! 1. A healthy way to show that […]

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What does it mean when a boy say’s he’s “horny”? Help!

Updated 17 March 2021 under Ask Us.

When a person mentions that they are feeling “horny”, it means that they are excited sexually. Usually, this feeling occurs because that person finds the other to be attractive in […]

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I am 17 years old and bisexual. I have always avoided anything that has to do with sex, because it made me uncomfortable. Recently, I decided that I would like to learn more about sex. What is OK to read and/or look at that is also developmentally/psychologically safe?

Updated 5 January 2021 under Ask Us.

Let’s admit it, lots of people think conversations about sex are awkward and uncomfortable, even adults! These feelings are completely normal, especially since the topic in general can be personal […]

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My “friend with benefits” sent a picture of his used condom and my bra to his friends, while I was in bathroom. I feel kind of weird about it, but do I have a right to be mad?

Updated 20 August 2020 under Ask Us.

We am so sorry to hear that  you’re in this uncomfortable situation, but hopefully our response will help you sort this out a bit. A good place to start is […]

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