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Identity Theft

Many people know that identity theft is a national problem. However, did you know that identity theft is more common among kids, teenagers, and college students than any other age … read more

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PCOS iconsPCOS: Worksheets

Period and Symptom Trackers: Keeping track of when your period starts and stops is a good way to see if there is a pattern to your menstrual cycle. It’s also important … read more

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Egg Allergy

Egg allergies are one of the most common food allergies in children. An allergy to eggs may develop as young as infancy.  Research studies have found that about 70% of … read more

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Healthy Communication: Quiz

Communicating well with friends and partners is important, but it can sometimes be hard. Answer these questions to test your own communication skills! 1. A healthy way to show that … read more

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girl on laptopInternet Safety: Quiz

Take our quiz to find out how much you really know about internet safety! 1.Fact or Myth: If you’re a good student, mature for your age, and don’t look for … read more

Contraception: Quiz

There are many different types of contraception that vary in how effective they are at preventing pregnancy, how much they cost, how easy they are to use, and whether they … read more

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