I have a yellowish liquid that comes out of my vagina frequently, but it’s not painful. Is that ok?

female gender symbolIt’s perfectly normal to have a small amount of vaginal liquid or “discharge”. That’s because the vagina makes a natural fluid that keeps the canal clean and moist. It also helps to prevent infection. The color and the texture changes during your cycle because your hormone levels change too.

The discharge can be thin or thick, clear, white, sticky, or not (depending on the time of the month). It may turn yellow when it dries on your underwear. It shouldn’t have an odor, be itchy, painful, or be present with any bumps or sores. Certain types of vaginal discharge could mean that you have a vaginal infection. Some vaginal infections (such as yeast infections) occur in both sexually active and non-sexually active girls. Other infections are more common among sexually active girls, especially if they’re having unprotected sex. Keep in mind that some STIs don’t have any symptoms at all.

If your vaginal discharge has changed, you have more of it, it smells funny, it itches, and/or you have pain, you should make an appointment with your health care provider.