I am currently on implanted birth control (Nexplanon). I recently had oral sex with one of my partners. A few days later, I noticed thick brown discharge and went to my health care provider (HCP). My HCP put me on medications for a yeast infection. Then I had oral sex with another partner and I am noticing the same problem. Can I never have oral sex without getting an infection?

Thank you for your question.  It’s a good idea to speak to your health care provider.  Yeast infections are usually associated with itching and white thick discharge.  Many women have irregular bleeding from a Nexplanon, and so the brown discharge may be caused by light spotting or bleeding and may be annoying.  Women with STIs such as Chlamydia may also have spotting.  It’s unclear to us whether the “yeast infection” or the spotting you are experiencing are related to the oral sex.  That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to your HCP and find out what tests were done to make the diagnosis of a “yeast infection”  and whether you were checked for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Don’t forget that every single time you have sexual intercourse (i.e. oral, vaginal, or anal sex) or contact (i.e. touching or rubbing) that you use a barrier method. Barrier methods include internal (male) or external (female) condoms or dental dams. If you can’t afford a barrier method or you’re having trouble finding one, talk to your HCP. They may be able to help you find discounted or even free barrier methods. The only other way to protect yourself against STIs is abstinence (no sexual contact).