Why do I have white discharge but not my period?

female gender symbolWell, all my friends have had their period but not me, but I have had many other developments like discharging (white)… why???

Excellent job paying attention to your body! The discharge you are having is normal as long as you don’t have any itching or odor with it. It’s natural to have a white discharge that can be thin to thick white or clear before you get your first period. It means that your body is making hormones and your uterus (womb) is getting read to have periods. So, your period is probably on its way.

You may feel left out if your friends have gotten their period already, that’s normal too. Just so you know, the average age that girls get their period is about 12½, but anytime between 9-15 years old is normal. You might want to ask your mom when she got her period. You’re likely to get your period around the same age.

Remember, if your discharge has an odor or it’s itchy “down there” or if you’ve had sex, see your health care provider!