How would I know if I have a bicornuate uterus, but I’m still a virgin?

Thank you for your question. Most girls are born with a very important organ called a uterus. The size, shape, and structure of a uterus is important because it’s where babies grow and develop during pregnancy. A normal uterus shape is similar to an upside down triangle, with two upside down horns on either side (fallopian tubes), each connected to two ovaries.  It’s uncommon for girls to be born with abnormal uterus, but the most commonly seen are bicornuate uterus.



A bicornuate  (“bahy-kawr-nyoo-it”) uterus is a is one with a different kind of shape and structure. The bicornuate uterus is best known as the “heart-shaped” uterus, because–you guessed it–it looks like a heart! Most girls born with a “heart-shape” uterus won’t know they have a different shape unless they have an ultrasound or MRI, usually for some other reason.  Having a bicornuate uterus is unlikely to affect your ability to become pregnant; however, some women may have a higher risk of miscarrying (losing the baby during pregnancy) than those with a normal shaped uterus.  If you are concerned that you may have a bicornuate uterus, speak with your health care provider (HCP) about why you are concerned.