I am a virgin, but sometimes when I’m doing jumping jacks, it sounds like my vagina is clapping. Why does this happen? Can I make it stop?

girl with hands over groinThank you for your question. Our bodies can make a lot of different sounds, sometimes they’re funny and other times they’re downright embarrassing. Either way, it’s important to remember you’re not alone! The sound you are hearing is likely due to air becoming trapped in the vaginal cavity. Once the air leaves the vaginal cavity, it can make an unusual sound, regardless of whether or not you’re sexually active. You may hear the sounds during sex, exercise, or even during your pelvic exam. Many teens refer to these sounds as a “vaginal fart” “queef”, or “vart.”   You can’t do anything to prevent the noise from happening, but most of the time you might be the only one who hears it.  However, if you have concerns about your health, call or schedule an appointment with your health care provider (HCP).