Two nights ago, the area around my pubic hair really started to itch. Sometimes it is itchy on the outer labia, but mostly around the top of my pubic area. I am not sexually active, I don’t have a vaginal discharge, and I haven’t shaved my pubic hair either. But the itching is driving me mad. Please help?

The medical term for persistent itching of the vulva is “Pruritis Vulvae”. (The vulva is everything that is on the outside of a woman’s body from her pubic hair to her anus. The vagina is internal and is not part of the vulva). Itching is the main symptom which can be distressing; however, the condition is not serious and most often can be treated by avoiding what is causing the irritation. Sometimes medicine is needed

The itchiness is most often caused from an allergic reaction/irritation to something the vulva has come in contact with such as a chemical irritant which may include: perfumed soaps, feminine deodorant sprays, lotions, scented pads and panty shields, underwear washed with scented laundry detergent. Try avoiding these products and use a mild unscented laundry detergent to wash your under garments with (and rinse well). Rarely, a person who is not sexually active can become infected with pubic lice (crabs) by having close skin to skin contact with someone who does, or if they share a bed with someone who has them. If you continue to have symptoms of itchiness, make an appointment with your health care provider. There is treatment available. ​