I got very constipated and didn’t go to the bathroom for over a week. When I was able to go, I strained pretty bad. Now my butt is very sore, hurts to sit down, burns, and feels weird when I wipe. What’s going on? Don’t want to ask/show my parents!

Thanks for your question. Constipation can be caused by many things. It can also cause a lot of abdominal (belly) pain as well as pain by the anus. The pain by the anus can be due to fissures (tears in the skin) or a hemorrhoid (swollen veins near the anus). Things that may help:

  • Sitting in a warm water bath. This can sometimes help reduce the pain in the area. It’s important to make sure the water is warm, and not too hot.
  • Medicine. There are some over the counter medicines (i.e., you do not need a prescription) that can help decrease the pain related to a fissure or hemorrhoid. These are available at your local pharmacy.
  • Time. Fissures and hemorrhoids usually heal on their own within a few weeks.
  • Prevent more constipation. It’s important to stay hydrated and eat fiber to help prevent more constipation, irritation, and pain.

We recommend seeing a health care provider if:

  • Your stool (poop) has blood in it. This can sometimes mean stool has red streaks or it can look black.
  • The pain is getting worse or not getting better.
  • The constipation is getting worse or not getting better.
  • You have other symptoms, including decrease appetite, weight loss, vomiting, or fever.