I have taken two pregnancy tests and they both came back positive. I am a virgin! How is this possible? I don’t know how to tell my parents, help!

There isn’t a medical definition of a “virgin” or virginity. The term is used differently by different people and may relate to cultural or religious beliefs or the meaning of “having sex” or life experiences. Sometimes the term is used for people who have not had sex or sexual contact. So “losing your virginity” may have different meanings; some may say that occurs the first time you have sexual contact (i.e. touching or rubbing genitals either alone or with a partner); others may define losing their virginity as, oral or anal sex or penis-in-vagina sex.

Anytime a woman has unprotected sexual contact, which includes touching, rubbing, or penetration with a penis, she may get pregnant. Protection in the form of condoms is super important in preventing pregnancy, even when there is no penetration. If you haven’t had any sexual contact, it’s possible (although rare) to have a false positive pregnancy test. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your health care provider (HCP). Your HCP can order blood work to help confirm pregnancy or look into other causes.

It’s super important that you tell a trusted adult right away. You can talk to your health care provider (HCP), a guidance counselor, school nurse, or even a trusted adult family member. After you tell an adult in your life, they can help you make a plan for telling your parents. Pregnancy is a big deal and comes with a lot of difficult decisions and can impact your health, so it’s very important that you tell an adult you trust.