One of my parent’s male friends grabbed the back of my neck when he was sitting next to me. Another time, he gave me a side huge and seemed to have a firm grip on my waist, but also my breast. Is this affectionate or sexual?

Your body is your body, period. No one should ever touch you without your permission–and yes, that includes hugs! If the actions of this person, made you feel uncomfortable, talk to your parents. If you are unable to talk with your parents for one reason or another, then speak to a counselor, teacher, health care provider (HCP), or other trusted adult right away. Begin by explaining what happened and how it made you feel.  If the individual touched you with or without permission and/or you feel that you were touched inappropriately, then it could be considered sexual assault, which is a serious crime. Remember, these situations are tough and unfortunate, but it’s not your fault! Kudos to you for standing up and questioning the situation.