My vagina is really sore and uncomfortable, it hurts if I touch it and it is very itchy, and I have a discharge that smells a bit fishy, is it something to worry about??

girl with hands over groinAnytime your vagina is irritated and/or you have a discharge and itchiness, it could mean that you have a vaginal infection. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to something that has come in contact with your vagina such as perfumed soaps or sprays, douches, or scented panty-shields or pads. Another possibility is a yeast infection and if you are sexually active, your symptoms may be caused from a sexually transmitted disease (STI). It’s hard to know exactly what is causing your symptoms since many of the signs are similar. And it’s also possible to have more than one type of vaginal irritation/infection at the same time.

Whenever you have symptoms of a vaginal infection, you should make an appointment to see your health care provider right away. Since the treatment is different depending on the cause, your HCP will need to look at your vulva/vagina and check the discharge to figure out the right treatment. Early treatment is important.