I use a bottle and pen to masturbate. Am I still a virgin?

Good question.  There isn’t a medical definition of a “virgin” or virginity.  The term is used differently by different people and may relate to cultural or religious beliefs or the meaning of “having sex” or life experiences.  Sometimes the term is used for people who have not had sex or sexual contact.  So “losing your virginity” may have different meanings; some may say that occurs the first time you have sexual contact (i.e. touching or rubbing genitals either alone or with a partner); others may define losing their virginity as, oral or anal sex or penis-in-vagina sex.

Masturbation is the touching or rubbing of genitals. For girls, this includes rubbing their vulva (which includes the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and vaginal opening) and may also include the vagina. For boys, this includes touching and rubbing their penis (some may touch their testicles and/or anus). It’s OK to masturbate, but make sure you have privacy and safety.  Do NOT use foreign objects (things that should NOT go inside you) such as pens, bottles (glass or plastic), remote controllers, medicine bottles, hair brushes, curling irons, corn on the cob, banana, etc. during masturbation. If you prefer to use a prop, you can purchase a “sex toy.” There are two different types of sex toys: vibrator and dildo. A vibrator is hand-held device that increases pleasure through massage and vibration in and around your vagina. A dildo typically resembles a penis and can be inserted into the vagina to mimic sexual intercourse. If you have any questions or concerns about masturbation that you speak with your HCP.