Is it normal to wear a panty liner every day?

Wearing panty liners or not is a personal preference. Young women who are fans of panty liners say they wear them for different reasons such as “to feel fresh and clean,” and ”to be protected just in case their period comes early.” Girls who don’t like to wear panty liners often say, “they irritate and itch their vulva” and/or “they are too expensive to wear every day.” Some girls choose to wear panty liners just on their “light menstrual days” and some don’t use panty liners at all. The important thing to remember is this—if you are using panty liners because you have a vaginal discharge that is new for you, has an odor and/or is itchy, tell your health care provider. If you notice that your vulva is irritated from wearing panty liners, try a brand made of natural/organic material or just wear underwear with a cotton crotch so the air can circulate.