If I stick a hair brush handle in my vagina will I still be a virgin?

Most people would say that a person is a virgin until they have sexual intercourse with another person. However, depending on your cultural and religious beliefs losing your virginity may mean something else. There’s no medical definition of “virginity.” You may decide you’re a virgin until you’ve had penis-in-vagina sex, until you’ve had oral sex, or until you’ve been sexually intimate in any way with your partner.

Masturbation is healthy and normal; however, you should be very careful with what you put in your vagina. This includes everything from a penis, fingers, and in particularly, objects. Objects for example that are not made for the purpose of masturbation, can be unsafe. While sex toys are typically made of toxic-free chemicals, other objects can be harmful to the vagina, causing mild irritation and bleeding or even a severe infection. Never use anything that has rough edges, sharp, pointed or that could possibly cause irritation. Never use fruits or vegetables or anything with small parts that could get stuck in your vagina. It is fine to use your fingers, just make sure that you wash your hands and trim your nails to avoid tearing the delicate tissue of the vulva and vagina. Talk to your health care provider to learn more.