I have had sex with my boyfriend, but I have regular menstruation. Can I be pregnant?

Woman with pregnancy testGetting pregnant is a common concern among adolescents who are involved in a sexual relationship. The only way you can 100% guarantee not getting pregnant is by not having sex. However, if you make the choice to have sex, there are ways to decrease your odds of getting pregnant. Taking birth control pills, using a condom and having an IUD inserted are some commons ways of significantly lowering your risk of pregnancy. It is a big decision to get pregnant as a teen. You should talk with your health care provider about the different options to see what birth control method is best for you. Young women who are pregnant don’t have the hormone and bleeding patterns of normal menstrual cycles, but they can have irregular bleeding or spotting that can be mistaken for a period. If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, it is best to get checked by a doctor.